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Why replace the defective FPV hardware with a new one?

In most cases, a repair is the more economical and sustainable solution.
You save your wallet and the environment.

I offer fast, fair value and sustainable repairs or spare parts for your FPV hardware.

As an experienced technician, I have specialized in the repair of the DJI Air Unit and Caddx Vista
I always try to keep the repair costs below 30% of the new price so that a repair will always be worthwhile.

Durchgebrannter 3,3V Spannungsteiler

Defective 3.3 volt transistor in a Caddx Vista. After the change, the unit ran again.

Fault finding

Finding errors in an electronic circuit is not that easy for a beginner in electronics and a rather thankless task even for an experienced electronics technician. Extensive electronics knowledge, years of experience, the right combination and common sense are the things I use to troubleshoot.

Especially in the FPV area, the size and weight of the hardware are important, so the circuits are getting smaller and more compact.

Even a little carelessness when soldering (see picture below) can damage the expensive hardware.

In order to find these errors quickly and cost-effectively, we work with the latest thermal imaging technology.

View of the inside of a Caddx Polar camera, customer has run solder into the camera.

Damaged micro coaxial camera connection on a Caddx Vista.

Repair process

- Call, message or order in the online shop by customer

-  Shipping to

Michael Seehaus
Additional address: 874647826
Packstation 111
18109 Rostock

- Repair with original components

- Systemcheck

- Payment after successful repair

- Return shipping

- Happy customer

This picture with a thermal imaging camera shows a blown P1 CPU of the DJI Air Unit.

Example of a defective DJI AirUnit that massively loses performance in flight. Bit rate drops, the reason is a defect on the transmitter board.